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Ready... Set... Gone! outtakes-reel

Billy playing Pink Floyd during shooting of Dani Reeve's scene

This Time

The original reference track that we built the song around

Perpetually Stoned

A song I'll never be allowed to record :)

Southern Girl

Billy messing around during photo shoot for Southern Girl

When You Hold Me Tight

Brian adding Piano in Chicago - and us tweaking it in Florida

When You Hold Me Tight

Tommy Wayne on Pedal Steel Guitar

Ready... Set... Gone!

This unfinished version never saw the light of day - until now!

Ready... Set... Gone!

These are all the scenes of Billy in the desert

This Time

Enrique's Rejected Ending for This Time

This Time

Enriques rejected harmonics for This Time

This Time

Fixing the Acoustic Guitars on This Time

This Time

Jesse adding the Bass slide to This Time

This Time

Enrique adding Power Chords to This Time

From Inside the Compound

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

When You Hold Me Tight

RJ and Billy adding to Samantha's Backup Vocals

When You Hold Me Tight

When You Hold Me Tight - Promo #1

Butchering the classics

With my son Jesse, in Las Vegas

The Girl I Love

The 2nd song I ever wrote. Sacramento, CA

This Time

Live version the day before we recorded it


I used all jazz chords when I wrote this

Memories of Debbie

The first song I ever wrote. Sacramento, CA

Running Back

I'll record this one soon

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