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My website only lists my current projects, which are

You'll Know I'm There

When You Hold Me Tight

Ready...Set... Gone!


This Time


Where Was I...

Turn Your Radio Louder


Up to You

Runnin' Back

Southern Girl

OK! They were never lost, but here's some stuff you're not supposed to see - or hear :)

I have a 4-track recorder - and I overdub myself about 8 times playing various instruments. Some of these songs fall outside my professional niche, but I enjoy all types of music. Enjoy.

 » Forever and Ever Amen
by Randy Travis. I play and sing everything

 » Me and Bobbie McGee
My Brother Chris and I - just guitar and vocal

 » Do Ya
by KT Oslin. I play and sing everything

 » Don't Waste it on the Blues
by Gene Watson. I play and sing everything

 » Grandpa
by The Judds. I play and sing everything

My brother Chris and I doing
"Horse with No Name" by America on his boat.

Jesse brought home a music book from school
and we proceeded to butcher the classics

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