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Southern Girl
Words & Music © by Billy Kay

Don't you come knockin' at my door
I don't wanna' see you 'round no more
My roamin' days are thru
I done found a love that's true
So don't you come knockin' at my door

Don't you come crawlin' on your knees
Don't even try and beg me pretty please
I've found somebody new
Who can take the place of you
So don't you come crawlin' on your knees

I've got a Southern Girl
Sweet as can be
I've got a Southern Girl
Who'll take good care of me
I've got a Southern Girl
I've fallen for her charms
And I will always be
Wrapped in her southern arms

Don't you try and catch me when I'm home
'Cause I'll be there but I won't be alone
And I won't let you in
I know where you have been
Don't you try and catch me when I'm home

I got a Southern Girl
I love that Southern drawl
I love my Southern Girl
And the way she says y'all!
I've got a Southern Girl
As sweet as Southern Tea
She took this Northern boy
And made a Rebel out of me

I've got a Southern Girl
Sweet as can be
I've got a Southern Girl
Who'll take good care of me
I've got a Southern Girl
I've fallen for her charms
And I will always be
Wrapped in her southern arms


February 2013 I added all the vocals with my brother Chris helping out on harmony.

12/23/2011 Enrique adding guitars to a ruff mix while Gene bobs his head.

Since we humans aren't perfect - here's the "Flubs Reel" to prove it :) At Jam Room Studios.

The funnest takes are usually the keepers. This is the actual take we used on the CD

Southern Girl Released Las Vegas,
Nevada February 27, 2013

Southern Girl was recorded at Golden Song Recording Studios in Las Vegas and The Jam Room Recording Studios in Columbia, South Carolina.

As always, I got to work with a lot of guest artists that I truly admire.

You can watch us recording the song at YouTube

You can download the song on iTunes

My heartfelt thanks to the talented artists who helped make this song a reality:

  Gene Sironen - Producer
Gene's been my producer since my first song. While listed as the Producer, he also arranged the track and played the bass and drums.
  Zach Thomas - Engineer and Mastering
I hear a few dozen harmonies in my head. I told Zach I wanted a simple "Country Bears Jamboree" sound, and to wack me upside the head every time I wanted to add another harmony. I'm black and blue, but the song sounds exactly like what I was going after.
  Enrique Corro - Guitars
Enrique has been part of my sound since the start. He plays both acoustic and electric on this track. And when you listen to the intro, he made his guitar sound like a pedal steel player!
  Micah Gangwer - Fiddle
Micah is actually the violinist for the Columbia Symphony Orchestra, so it feels odd referring to him as the "fiddle" player. I gave him free reign to do what he felt was right - and he nailed it!
  Zach Bingham - Lead Solo
We got Zach out of bed at 9am one day to add the lead solo. We called Micah back that day, and they each played off each other for an excellent solo.
  Chris Knoblach - Backup Vocals
My siblings and I are spread out. We're in Maine, New York, Georgia and Nevada - so we don't see each other often. I haven't sung with my brother in 20 years, and when I found out he was less then 2 hours from the recording studio, I gave him a call. I lucked out and got him on his non-golf day! It was a very special session for me.
  Audrey Lorence - CD Cover
I was honored to get Audrey Lorence - Mrs. South Carolina International 2012 - for the cover shoot. Not only did she also win "Miss Congeniality" - she also purchased two Cowboy hats for the shoot! :)


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